Improve Purtier Formula

Remaining true to its purpose while embracing progress to continually seek improvement on PURTIER Placenta’s formula. Through extensive research and development, the 6th Edition of PURTIER Placenta by RIWAY has created a revolutionary breakthrough in healthcare and transcended all expectations. 11 precious ingredients synergistically work together with deer placenta to improve PURTIER’s efficacy and age-defying effects, making it the perfect and only health supplement you ever need.


As we age, our bodies’ ability to rejuvenate cells slows down and ceases to perform effectively, putting us at risk of developing various chronic illnesses and lifestyle diseases. Early prevention is the fundamental principle to good health, so as to tap on our bodies’ ability to build its own anti-ageing mechanism.

RIWAY’s PURTIER Placenta utilizes Live-Cell Therapy containing fresh deer placenta live cells and protein to defy the ageing process, rejuvenate degenerated cells, trigger cell production, and revitalize and restore the body’s youthfulness.

Start your plan to maintain your youth and keep your body energetic and healthy today.

Ingredients & Benefits


Freeze-Drying Technology

Advanced Freeze-Drying Technology can help preserve live cells & maintain their bioactive for up to 3 to 4 years. PURTIER Placenta extracts only from fresh Deer Placenta, and uses the latest Freeze-Drying technology to preserve the highest bioactive benefits.


Emulsification Technology

The modern Emulsification Technology allows larger molecules to be fully absorbed during the chylomicron process


Nitroogen-Filled Technology

Natural oxidation and eventual deterioration can occur in PURTIER Placenta alongside other essential nutrients if they come in contact with atmospheric free radicals, oxygen, bacteria, and UV rays during a capsulation process. This technology protects these important components.



PURTIER placenta contains a high-quality enteric coat that prevents capsules from damage by the gastric acid in the small intestine. The coating also enhances absorption of active ingredients.