Has anyone asked if you’re feeling okay and then remark that you look pale? More than likely, you feel fine and are perfectly healthy, but your skin could use some attention. Dead skin cells and airborne pollutants are primarily responsible for a dull or grayish skin tone. With our Dull Skin Treatment Set, your skin’s luster will brighten within 2 weeks!

The treatment program for dull, lifeless facial skin is simple to follow and the results will be amazing! Madam Lily Wong, a Certified Transitional Care Management Pharmacist and Internationally Certified Beautician, spent years studying ancient skin care techniques and learned the value of natural herbs in the healing and maintenance processes of healthy skin. Utilizing this knowledge and her modern medical background, she formulated renowned skin care products that treat your face and skin to pure luxury.

To begin, you’ll cleanse your face with our Facial Powder. It’s a nutrient rich blend designed to remove dirt and debris, environmental pollutants, excess oils, dead skin cells, makeup and more from your face. This step is vital to your success. As it washes away the impurities, it also penetrates deeply into the skin to inhibit the growth of melanin deposits, which cause dark and age spots in our complexion.

Next, you’ll apply the Imperial Masque to begin the process of restoring radiance. A glowing complexion shines because it naturally reflects light. It’s a youthful quality and even if you’ve had a dull complexion for years, you can regain a bright skin tone. And, this masque stimulates cell rejuvenation, so as you remove dead skin cells, you’ll find brighter, healthier cells beneath.

The third and final step in this brightening process is Lilyanna’s Beauty Cream. Two of its active and most important ingredients are cordyceps extract and pearl powder. Cordyceps promotes ‘chi’ in the body, and this balances your state of mental equilibrium, so you feel less stressed and more energetic. It helps to slow the aging process, including aging skin cells. And, pearl powder is responsible for lightening skin tone so it’s radiant. And, it infuses hydration to make your skin glisten!

Rejuvenate your face! Rid yourself of those dead skin cells that discolor your skin tone, causing you to appear older with a lackluster complexion. Instill vibrancy and vitality into your complexion with our Dull Skin Treatment Set! Within 2 weeks you’ll see immense improvement.

What they’re saying

Unique powdered cleanser… Powder is very smooth and cleanses very well. Has a distinctive herbal scent. Product is extremely natural. Love it!

A friend of mine introduced this product to me. All is good except the herbal scent is a little strong. Will be wonderful if the scent is lighter;)

Excellent mask for deep cleaning! Great alternative to clay masks which I find too drying. My skin is visibly brighter and even toned after using for only a couple of weeks