Atopic Dermatitis, otherwise known as eczema, is a frustrating and highly irritating skin condition that plagues a great number of people. It consists of red patches of inflamed skin which itches and burns.If you suffer with eczema, we understand your plight. It can keep you up at night with itchy skin that becomes even worse under bed covers. You need relief!

Madam Lily Wong, a Certified Transitional Care Management Pharmacist and Internationally Certified Beautician, pursued studies in ancient skin care remedies dating back to the Tang Dynasty. Most of these rely on nature’s gifts, the herbs which our ancestors depended upon to relieve many maladies. Madam Wong understands the properties and benefits of these time-honored herbal remedies and she masterfully blended this knowledge with modern science and health principles to formulate skin care products that work.

With the Eczema Treatment Set, you’ll utilize four of Madam Wong’s specially blended products in a certain order to relieve the painful eczema symptoms that keep you from fully enjoying your life! To begin, you’ll cleanse and nourish your skin, then detoxify the impurities. After this, the process will rejuvenate skin cells then upon successfully eliminating the eczema, the last step will restore your skin’s tone and texture so you’ll have beautiful skin you will love again!

This process works all over the body, from your face to your feet, no matter where you have bothersome patches of eczema and it works on all skin types.

When you need serious relief from eczema, you’ll benefit immensely from this treatment kit which will significantly improve your condition within 1 month. It contains everything you need to heal and restore your skin.

What they’re saying

I intially had doubts about the product. The herbal smell was strong and unpleasant. However, I’ve bought it after a friend of mine vouched for its effectiveness. To my surprise, after using a couple of times, my very stubborn milia seeds have grown smaller. Its actually on the verge of disappearing. Now I don’t have to consider of going for laser treatment to have them removed. Pretty amazing!

I have dry skin and I feel that this is moisturising enough for me. The smell is really nice and my skin feels moisturised even after a long period. I feel it is suitable for people with sensitive skin as it is gentle on the skin as well. Most likely I will be getting a new one after finishing the current one!

Very moisturising and yet it doesn’t leave a sticky feeling behind. I use it for both day and night moisturising and it leaves my originally dry skin perfectly moisturised 🙂