Dark Eye Circles

We’ve all heard the adage that dark circles are caused by a lack of sleep, but what happens if sleep doesn’t reduce the darkness? You should then try Lilyanna’s effective and full-spectrum Dark Eye Circles Treatment Kit. It’s a series of advanced skin care products designed to brighten your appearance and lighten the grayish skin cells under your eyes.

Lilyanna Dark Circle Treatment

Formulated by Madam Lily Wong, this treatment is not an overnight remedy, but one that will gradually reduce the gray cells, replacing them with vibrant and youthful cells that capture and reflect the light! Madam Wong, a Certified Transitional Care Management Pharmacist and Internationally Certified Beautician, has mastered the art of the ancient skin care techniques, dating back to the Tang Dynasty. Utilizing this knowledge along with modern skin health principles, she’s created a bounty of products to aid you in your quest to nourish and protect your skin, to reverse the clock and maintain a youthful complexion.

Madam Wong understands the benefits of enriched and nutrient dense herbs and how to blend these vitamin and mineral packed natural herbs so they capitalize on each other’s strengths. Her formulations cleanse, hydrate, protect and encourage healthy cell growth in the delicate areas of your facial skin and around your eyes. This set offers you a 3-step system to restore brightness around your eyes. The steps are simple yet robust – cleanse and nourish, detoxify and balance skin tone.


Step 1

In this all-in-one treatment program, you’ll begin with the Facial Powder. This luxurious powder blends with a small amount of water and as you apply it to your face and gently around your eyes, you’ll feel it zapping away the debris from makeup and environmental contaminants. This is key to the process. Then, it penetrates deeply into the skin cells to jump start the cell rejuvenation process. It also forms a protective barrier so the sun will do less damage to your delicate undereye area.

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Step 2

After you cleanse, your face will feel light and airy, refreshed and perky. Then, you’ll apply A.E. Elements, a detoxifying agent. This antioxidant rich compound encourages new cell growth, too. It’s a double whammy to stimulate fresh, vibrant cells. And, it purges melanin deposits that may be lurching under the surface of your skin, ready to form age or dark spots.

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Step 3

Lastly, finish the process with Lilyanna’s Beauty Cream, highly renowned for its skin balancing properties! Its ingredients of pearl powder and cordyceps make it revolutionary! The pearl powder lightens and brightens skin’s dark areas while cordyceps promotes and strengthens the ‘chi’ in your body, which reduces stress and increases vitality!

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Together, the combination of these three powerhouse skin care products will lessen the darkness in the circles under your eyes and you’ll see a difference in as little as a month if you use it daily. And, you’ll have the added benefits of smooth, supple and soft skin if you use the products in your facial skin care routine.


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I bought this a few days back. Smells pretty nice but seems like its a little thick? Content in cream appears to be rich and the bottle is also quite big. Value for money here and I can see a bottle will last quite a while based on my usage. So far results are ok because my skin seems softer and brighter.

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Great consistency, gentle herbal smell. Effectively cleans your skin without stripping away all the skins natural oils which I like. Helps keep your skin feeling clean.

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Started using 2 weeks ago. The results have been very satisfying so far. Face appears to be more radiant and clear.

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My mum has pollen allergy and her face turns red and itchy when it’s season. With this power her face is cooling down and she feels less itchy. Cannot stay without this powder!

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