Lilyanna herbal skincare acne treatment

We all know people with oily skin tend to get acne and pimples more than other skin types. If you’re struggling with acne and pimples, you might be aware that finding suitable skin care products and adopting a skin care regimen that ensure acne-free, clear and healthy skin can be very challenging and frustrating

Our all-natural acne busting formula was developed by Madam Lily Wong, a Certified Transitional Care Management Pharmacist and Internationally Certified Beautician. She pursued the study of ancient skin remedies dating back to the Tang Dynasty and applied that knowledge to modern science and health principals to develop our 3-Step Acne Treatment program, designed to significantly reduce acne with a noticeable difference in 2 weeks.

Utilizing a variety of all natural herbs, such as green tea leaves and seaweed, Madam Wong formulated skin care products using the benefits of nature’s bounty. She researched herbal properties and masterfully blended these enriching and nutrient dense herbs with scientifically proven ingredients that fight skin damaging free radicals, such as antioxidant rich Vitamins A and E. The result is a highly effective acne remedy for people of all ages.

The simple daily process involves a 3-step skin maintenance routine. The first step is a deep cleansing wash to rid the skin of surface debris, the second step is to detoxify the skin of impurities and the third step is to balance and restore good skin health.

Slide Step 1 Cleanse & Nourish Lilyanna Face Powder, which is a luxurious soap that
cleanses your pores to remove perspiration, oils,
makeup and environmental pollutants to refresh your
skin. It nourishes your facial skin with herbal nutrients,
stimulates skin metabolism for healthy cell rejuvenation
and strengthens your skin’s ability to fight damage. It
leaves your skin supple, soft and smooth with a natural
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Slide Step 2 Exfoliate & Detox A.E. Elements exfoliates dead skin cells and purges
impurities, removing sebum oil and bacteria which are
the primary causes of acne. A.E. Elements is a
powerhouse detox compound and the secret behind
our anti-acne success!
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Slide Step 3 Restore & Balance Beauty Cream involves restoring your skin to its
natural health, with radiant color and brightness
leaving you with a blemish free complexion. Our Beauty
Cream formula is a hydrating moisturizer which
balances your skin tone and promotes softness. And,
it’s a master at stimulating skin cell renewal, which is
vital to heal the scars from past outbreaks.
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What they’re saying

I’ve had persistent acne breakouts for years. Been seeing dermatologists and taking medication to curb the breakout but it comes back again after a few weeks.
A friend recommended me to try the product and I decided to give it a go. Bought this along with the Facial Powder. I’ve been using it diligently for a month and all my acne have subsided. My acne scars are disappearing as well. Very thankful to have found a solution to my nightmare! Thank you Lilyanna!

I used to have acne breakouts every now and then. Been seeing skin specialist for medication but that did not help much. After using this product for a few months, all my acnes are now gone. Even the acne scars are slowly disappearing. I’m thankful I tried this product due to my friend’s insistence. I’m now a loyal fan!

The Facial Powder wash is my favorite product. My skin has become smoother and feels much cleaner. My friends have commented that I look much more radiant than before. I definitely recommend others to try this out! 🙂