Lilyanna – Founding Story

A traditional concept that is being brought to the present,
signifying the value of ancient yet timeless beauty…

Lily Wong

Lilyanna skincare products comprise of 36 100% natural herbal ingredients and are completely free of any chemical additives and preservatives. Originated 1,200 years ago, in the Imperial Palace of the Tang Dynasty, China; the products were formulated by Imperial Physicians for use exclusively to consorts living within the Palace.

Exuberant and passionate for life, the Tang people valued personal beauty, especially in the form of silky, supple and healthy skin. This ideal form of beauty during the Golden Age of China was embodied in a woman named Yang Guifei, the Imperial Consort of the Tang Emperor Xuanzong. She is widely known as one of the four most beautiful women throughout Chinese history.

Since 1995, Lilyanna skincare products have gained much popularity with the Japanese expatriate community in Singapore. Lilyanna was founded by Mdm Lily Wong during her search for alternatives to treat her own sensitive skin and adverse experience from harmful chemical ingredients of well-known skincare products.

With her qualifications as a Pharmacist in Traditional Chinese Medicine and later, an internationally certified beautician, she embarked on a journey spending years of intensive research in the ancient texts of oriental cosmetology. Her hard work eventually paid off when she rediscovered the processes of Yang Guifei’s skincare treatment. Through countless experiments, she then blended the essence of ancient oriental skincare treatment with the ingenuity of modern cosmetology.

Her findings made her realize that to achieve a natural, beautiful and healthy skin only requires a few simple processes. With this in mind, she formulated five essential products to serve different needs of the facial skin and the Imperial Beauty Ritual for her customers to follow. From an ancient origin, Lilyanna skincare products have evolved to become priceless innovations of the present.

Achieving a flawless natural skin complexion should not be difficult and there MUST be a remedy for everything… With this in mind, I went through numerous ancient Chinese Medical classics to search and experiment on how the Imperial royalties maintained and preserved their beauty. My research led to the story of Imperial Consort Yang Guifei who is also known as one of the four beauties in Chinese history. I hope to share these wonderful findings with all who are interested in restoring their natural beauty.

Lily Wong